This course has a theoretical-practical nature. In this course you will learn about Peruvian prehispanic textiles and a technique turned into a work of art that made it possible for ancient weavers to reflect, with great experience, their life and the environment in their textiles. We developed this program in conjunction with the school of fashion and design Chio Lecca Fashion School.

It includes:

- Lodging
- Transportation from the Cusco airport
- Food attached to the program
- Materials for activities
- Transportation to the visits of the program itinerary
-  Macchu Picchu
-  Playful activities
- Certification of the program by the fashion and design school Chio Lecca.


Day 1

- Arrival to the city of Cusco
- Tour through the city of Cusco towards Yucay
- Arrival to Yucay, distribution of rooms and rest
- Lunch
- Tour of the headquarters and introduction to the Ethnic Fashion experience; during the tour will be given the rules of
- coexistence, the contents of the activities to be developed.
- Quechua vocabulary and visit to the Yucay museum
- Visit of the area.
- Dinner

Day 2

- Yoga
- Breakfast
- History of textiles in Peru
- Scything processes
- Grading of fibers
- Lunch
- Training in the articulation of Peruvian roots and entrepreneurship ideas
- Stopped process
- Spinning process
- Rolling process
- Satisfaction survey
- Dinner (Free)

Day 3

- Breakfast
- Tour to the platforms of Yucay: Visit to the palace of Sairi Tupac.
- Lunch
- Weaving process (waist loom)
- Dinner (Free)

Day 4

- Breakfast
- Full day tour to Machu Picchu
- Free time
- Dinner

Day 5

- Breakfast
- Development of design project and
- craftsmanship
- Lunch
- Development of design project and
- craftsmanship development (Continued)
- Closure: delivery of certificates,
- memories, memories, filming and
- testimony
- Dinner

Price: $ 990 - Previous Reservation

Photos by Rhett Sorensen