Our course in Andean Gastronomy of Peru is theoretical and application, in this you will apply the basic techniques of regional cuisine of the southern highlands of Peru, focused specifically on the Cuzco region: through it, you will recognize different regional inputs, apply current techniques of ancestral kitchen preparation while you know the great story behind these dishes. We developed this program in conjunction with MIL Centro Moray.

It includes:

Transportation from the Cusco airport
Food attached to the program
Materials for activities
Transportation to the visits of the itinerary of the program
Playful activities
Certification of the program by the fashion and design school Chio Lecca.


Day 1

- Arrival to the city of Cusco
- Transfer to the Creativity Lodge - Yucay
- Arrival to Yucay, distribution of rooms and rest
- Tour of the headquarters and introduction to the Andean Gastronomy experience; During the tour will be the rules of coexistence, content and activities to develop.
- Quechua vocabulary
- Soups and atamalados
- Lunch
- Visit of the area (meals, businesses, hotels)
- Dinner (Free)

Day 2

- Yoga
- Breakfast
- Stews and grains
- Lunch
- Training in the articulation of Peruvian roots and entrepreneurship ideas
- Visit to Urubamba
- Satisfaction survey
- Dinner (Free)

Day 3

- Breakfast
- Regional proteins
- Lunch
- Tour to the platforms of Yucay: Visit to the palace of Sairy Tupac
- Visit to the Urubamba market
- Dinner (Free)

Day 4
- Breakfast
- MIL Center gastronomic laboratory experience
- Lunch
- Return The Sacred Valley Lodge
- Free time
- Dinner

Dia 5

- Breakfast
- Full day tour to Machu Picchu
- Free time
- Dinner and delivery of certificates

Price: $ 1290 - Previous Reservation

Photos - MIL Centro Moray by Gustavo Vivanco